Disinfecting indoor air

Introducing the Steribase 300 Plus from Portable-UV…

The perceived importance of indoor air quality is rising, not least given its role in transmitting pathogenic materials, including viruses.

Improving and maintaining indoor air quality is becoming easier thanks to technologies like the Steribase 300 Plus.

Steritube UV process

It uses the Steritube UV process to disinfect air thereby reducing the risk of contamination by airborne moulds, spores and bacteria.


Target applications include healthcare environments, such as intensive care units and treatment rooms, as well as food technology and pharmaceutical premises with laboratories and clean rooms.

Mobile, standalone

Mobile, standalone, the plug-and-play Steribase 300 Plus can change the air in a 50m3 room six times per hour, deactivating 90% of initial airborne contaminants within 23 minutes.

Perfect portable solution

The Steribase 300 Plus is the perfect portable solution for use in areas where the highest level of safety and quality in air purification is required.

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