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We specialise in selling hand-held UV curing and sanitising technology for wide-area applications in the healthcare and industrial markets.

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  • SubZero RS-170

    In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Integration Technology has rapidly developed a high power portable hand-held UVC rapid sanitiser. The unit is highly effective at inactivating biomolecules and micro-organisms on all surfaces for applications that pose a high risk of public cross contamination:
    • Ambulances and blue light services
    • Buses, aircraft and cruise ship cabins, train carriages, and other public transport
    • Hospitals, schools, offices, and hotel rooms
  • AC-850 – a handheld UV LED unit which at 850 mW/cm² offers an unrivalled curing performance. At 125x125mm (5"x5") curing area with No heat, No mercury, No ozone, means a safe and fast curing system to increase production efficiency.
    • High Optical Output
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • Lightweight and Portable
    • Self-contained and Compact
    • Robust Construction
    • Green Technology (No Mercury and No Ozone)
  • Steribase 300 Plus combines VIROBUSTER technology and an attractive design in a stand-alone device. The personal module interface offers a wide variety of application and communication options. The horizontal 360° air intake at low speed and the vertical air emission at high speed enable a maximum air mix rate and ensure that only contaminated air is processed. The washable pre-filter prevents large filter particles such as dust and pollen being transferred back into the air. And the large fan with a low number of revolutions guarantees a very tolerable noise level. Steribase 300 PLUS at a glance:
    • Elimination in a single passage
    • All microorganisms
    • Plug & Play
    • Washable pre-filter
    • Intelligent monitoring & communication
    • Building Management System compatible
    • Mobile unit
    • Low noise level
  • The HANDcure is used for UV curing and detection. UV materials such as lacquers, resins and adhesives are increasingly used in areas of production and repair where a high degree of efficiency and quality is required. Due to the possibility of fast, controlled curing, UV technology offers significant advantages here.
    • High performance in a very compact construction
    • Lightweight with good handling
    • Wireless mobile working
    • Long lifetime with about 20.000 h
    • No warm-up time
    • No heat transfer to the substrate
    • Emission spectrum of 365 nm to 415 nm
    • Low power consumption & a long operation time
    Standard delivery contains a HANDcure inclusively battery and charger. A quick charger and batteries with higher capacity are available on request. All components are delivered in one handy tool case.