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SubZero RS-170


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In response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Integration Technology has rapidly developed a high power portable hand-held UVC rapid sanitiser. The unit is highly effective at inactivating biomolecules and micro-organisms on all surfaces for applications that pose a high risk of public cross contamination:

  • Ambulances and blue light services
  • Buses, aircraft and cruise ship cabins, train carriages, and other public transport
  • Hospitals, schools, offices, and hotel rooms
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Disinfection by UV is a non-contact process that allows widespread illumination achieving a greater overall decontamination rate. The SubZero RS-170 product is a high output 1700W input power, typically providing 4 times the power of other portable devices on the market, significantly reducing the exposure time required to achieve the same result.

PORTABLE-UV: SubZero RS-170 Rapid Sanitiser

The SubZero RS-170 is the latest in the range of the very successful, very reliable, high-powered, air-cooled SubZero Series UV lamp products that Integration Technology has manufactured for the last 15 years, shipping over 20,000 units worldwide.

Integration Technology SubZero Series


· Ultra compact and ultra light weight
· High power 1700W input power
· High intensity reflector system
· Mechanical shuttered or unshuttered options
· Quick change cassette
· Rapid warm up and cool down
· Integrated air-cooling
· 1yr Integration Technology Warranty

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